PFAPA (Periodic Fever, Apthous Stomatitis, Pharyngitis, and Adenopathy)

"PFAPA, also known as Periodic Fever Syndrome, affects many children
and some adults across the globe"

PFAPA diagnosis and its treatment options are not widely known and information about PFAPA is limited to medical journal articles and studies.  Some of these studies are referenced in the Medical Research and Articles section of the book, PFAPA: Sierra's Story.
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How do you know if your child has PFAPA? 

Some of the common traits and facts for condsidering a PFAPA diagnosis include:

1)  Throat cultures are negative.
2)  Absence of upper respiratory infections.
3)  Children are unusually healthy between episodes.
4)  Joint pain and / or mouth sores may be present.
5)  Children tend to have normal development between

The book was written for PFAPA families so that PFAPA information, personal stories and other resources can be readily available to help you and your child cope with recurring fever episodes and arm you with the information you need to present information to your child's doctor.